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With over 22 years of experience, Gary Perlmuter and the legal staff at Perlmuter Law can assist you with all of your legal needs.  We communicate effectively and regularly with our clients, and make them a part of every major legal decision.

Business Sale

Business Sale

Sale of Tech Company Subsidiary to GameStop Corp.
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Our client is an international software developer, distributor and publisher of PC games, Windows utility software, and tablet and smartphone applications.

Gary Perlmuter guided and counseled the client in the sale of its online digital distribution company to GameStop Corp., a publically traded company.

We worked with both parties’ investment bankers and corporate officers, as well as both in-house counsel and outside legal counsel for the purchaser, culminating in a swift, successful and lucrative closing on the sale of our client’s stock in a hi-tech subsidiary company.

Business Acquisition

Business Acquisition

Purchase of Burger King Franchises.
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Our client decided to enter the fast-food industry, and retained Gary Perlmuter to create and form a holding company and numerous subsidiaries for the acquisition of four Burger King restaurant franchises and three parcels of real estate.

Wesdfgasd counseled our client from beginning through closing, for a successful multi-million dollar business acquisition, real estate acquisition, and SBA loan transaction.

Perlmuter provided the client with tax planning strategies, maximizing client dollars based innovative business entity formation and structuring, and also covered areas of franchise law, banking law, corporate and business law, real estate law, and tax law.

Private Lending

Private Lending

Private Lender Refinance of Mobile Home Park.
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Our client desired to provide private financing to a real estate investment company and property owner to pay off a maturing land contract for a mobile home park.

The property owner was unable to obtain traditional commercial loan financing due to the plagued real estate financing industry. As lender’s counsel, Gary Perlmuter structured the private loan transaction, and documented the loan to ensure adequate security and favorable loan repayment terms.

The property owner paid off the land contract and obtained a deed for title to the mobile home park, and our client closed on its lucrative loan, with title insurance and multiple types of security to ensure repayment.

Trademark Preservation

Trademark Preservation

Adversarial Proceedings to Cancel Third Party Trademark and Register Client’s Mark.
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Our client, a video game publisher, sought to register a new trademark and service mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Registration was initially denied due to an older registered mark used by another company within the same industry (video gaming industry). Gary Perlmuter commenced proceedings with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) to cancel the other company’s registered mark due to abandonment, and simultaneously pursued registration of our client’s mark with the USPTO on the basis that our client’s mark was not “confusingly similar” to the apparently abandoned registered mark.

Perlmuter was able to avoid costly adversarial proceedings before the TTAB to cancel the old mark, and in turn negotiated and secured a signed “Consent to Use Agreement” from the prior registered mark owner. As a result, the USPTO granted registration of our client’s mark; affording our client with all of the statutory protections that come with registration under federal law.

Start-up Company Website

Start-up Company Website

Creation of New Internet Based Social Media Company.
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Our client came to Gary Perlmuter with the idea to form a new online business, and in need of legal review for a website design and hosting agreement from a service provider.

The creation of a custom website for our client was critical to its business. Perlmuter redrafted the website design and hosting agreement to ensure that the client actually owned the content and all intellectual property rights to the website.

Otherwise, the web designer would have retained ownership of the website code and content, putting it in a position to hold our client hostage in the event that our client decides to move the website or bring the website hosting in-house. We also restructured the agreement to require milestone payments only when work and services were properly completed throughout the design phase. Additionally, we required a warranty on the finished product. After structuring the new company and drafting all of the formation documentation, our client commenced its new online business without any hitches.

Enforcement of Non-Compete Agreement

Enforcement of Non-Compete Agreement

Enforcement of Non-Compete Agreement Against Sales Representative.
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Our client is a general contractor in the commercial and residential construction industries. Gary Perlmuter drafted the employment agreement used by our client with its key employees.

A former sales representative left our client’s business to work for a competitor, in violation of the non-compete covenants in his employment contract. After leaving our client’s employment, the former sales representative solicited our client’s customers and worked for a competitor within the geographically restricted area specified in his prior employment contract.

Perlmuter filed suit to enforce the non-compete agreement in court. Following several months of litigation, the former employee and his new employer settled the case by paying over $100,000.00 in damages to our client and limiting his competitive activities.

Invalidation of Non-Compete Ageement

Invalidation of Non-Compete Ageement

Invalidation of Non-Compete Agreement for Executive Director of Surgery Center.
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Our client is the Executive Director of a local ambulatory surgery center. The management company who used to manage the surgery center required our client to sign a non-compete agreement.

After the management company was terminated from the surgery center, it sought to enforce the non-compete agreement against our client and filed suit in Wayne County Circuit Court. The management company pursued an injunction against our client to prohibit her from working for the surgery center.

Gary Perlmuter filed a counter-suit to invalidate the non-compete agreement. After filing a motion for summary disposition seeking an expedited court order to invalidate the non-compete agreement, the Wayne County Circuit Court granted the motion, thereby striking down the entire non-compete agreement.

Defense of Wrongful Termination Suit

Defense of Wrongful Termination Suit

Defense of Claims for Breach of Employment Contract Against Pharmacy Chain.
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Our client is a privately-owned chain of retail pharmacies. A former pharmacist employed by the client hired an attorney to demand over $200,000 in alleged unpaid wages under claims for breach of his written employment contract and wrongful termination.

After conducting an investigation into the claims and the pharmacist’s past conduct at the pharmacies, Gary Perlmuter responded aggressively with opposing counsel to refute the claims and asserted counterclaims for the client based upon the pharmacist’s misconduct.

Following our detailed response letter to opposing counsel, the matter settled with no payment from our client on the claims

Defense of Disability Discrimination Claim

Defense of Disability Discrimination Claim

Defense of Disability Discrimination Claim Against Medical Office and Surgeons.
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Our client is a hearing aid retailer and ENT medical practice. A former officer manager lost her hearing due to a viral illness.

Approximately one year later, the office manager was discharged for insubordination and to eliminate her position. She alleged age discrimination, violation of the ADA (failure to accommodate) and discrimination under Michigan’s Person’s with Disability Civil Rights Act.

Her attorney dropped the age discrimination claim after Gary Perlmuter conducted an investigation into the claims and concisely responded to their demand letter denying all claims. The former employee filed a complaint with the U.S. EEOC. Perlmuter responded to the EEOC Complaint, and the EEOC determined there was no valid ADA claim. The applicable statutes of limitations to file suit have expired, and no subsequent lawsuit was ever filed in state or federal court.





Gary E. Perlmuter



• Wayne Law Review, Note & Comment Editor, 1991-1993

• Tri-County Board Member, Attorney Discipline Board

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